Slots in national courses in 2017

In partnership with IBRO-PERC, FENS has launched this initiative to support MSc and Ph.D. neuroscience students – European and non-European – to broaden their knowledge and acquire international experience by participating in short courses organised by the NENS schools.

The FENS and IBRO-PERC stipends of750 EUR each are intended to cover travel and accommodation costs for master and Ph.D. students (European and non-European) interested in attending short courses outside the country where they are studying or residing.

FENS and IBRO-PERC stipends available in 2017 for the following courses:

ELECTRAIN 2017 – Extended Methods Course in Electrophysiology (Göttingen, Germany, 8-19 May 2017): Göttingen Graduate School for Neurosciences, Biophysics and Molecular Biosciences (GGNB), Göttingen, Germany.

            – Start your application. Registration deadline: 10 March 2017.


Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School – TENSS(Pike Lake, Romania, 1-19 June 2017): International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme, Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Lisbon, Portugal. * The amount for each of the IBRO-PERC stipends to attend TENSS is of 500 EUR, while the registration fee is fully waived for the 4 selected awardees.

            – Start your applicationRegistration deadline: 5 March 2017.


Neural Circuit Development and Plasticity(Utrecht, the Netherlands, 10-14 July 2017):Master Neuroscience and Cognition, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. 

            – Start your application. Registration deadline: 15 April 2017.


Psychopharmacology: from laboratory to clinic(University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 7-11 October 2017): The European Graduate School of Neuroscience EURON, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

            – Registration opens on 1 March 2017.


– In vivo Phenotyping of Mutant Rodents: Integrating Neural Activity, Neurochemistry, Heart Rate and Behaviour (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 28 August – 1 September 2017): ONWAR, Graduate Schools of Neurosciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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