4th ISN Latin American School of Advanced Neurochemistry, October 16th to 28th, 2017, IIBCE, Uruguay

4th ISN Latin American School of Advanced Neurochemistry
October 16th to 28th, 2017.
Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable. Montevideo, URUGUAY.

The purpose of the School is to provide an update on the theoretical background of brain pathologies and the neurochemical experimental approaches used for their study, with a special emphasis on the potential beneficial and deleterious effects of natural products.

• Federico Dajas (URU)• Cecilia Scorza (URU)
• Giselle Prunell (URU) • Patricia Lagos (URU) • Juan Andrés Abin (URU)

Foreign faculty:
• Verónica Bisagno (ARG)
• José Fuentealba (CHL)
• Claudio Hetz (CHL)
• Samia Joca (BRA)
• Federico Dajas-Bailador (UK)
• Robert Williams (UK)
• Lumir Hanus (IS)
• Kuei Y. Tseng (USA)
• Mario Herrera-Marschitz (CHL)
• Thereza de Lima (BRA)
• Lucas Sedeño (ARG)
• Laura Morelli (ARG)
• Xavier Nadal (SP)

• Foreign students will be financed with accommodation and living costs. In some cases, travel expenses will also be financed.
• It is highly recommended that students belonging to institutions members of the “Asociación de
Universidades del Grupo Montevideo (AUGM)”, to apply to the specific call for the travel tickets financing.

School application:
– Motivation letter
– Curriculum Vitae (up to 4 pages)
– Letter of support from your supervisor
– Brief description of your current research (up to 250 words)

Application deadline: September 15th, 2017

To apply send the following information in Spanish or English to:
For further information visit the website: www.iibce.edu.uy/cursos
For further inquiries contact: secretaria_isnschool@iibce.edu.uy



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