IBRO World Congress 2019: Call for Symposia Open until 30 April 2018

The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), along with the Korean Brain Research Institute (KBRI) and The Korean Society for Brain and Neural Science (KSBNS), invites the world’s neuroscientists to Daegu, South Korea for the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, taking place September 21-25, 2019.

The IBRO World Congress aims to promote neuroscience, increase communication and facilitate collaboration between investigators throughout the world. As its participants come from every neuroscience domain and region of the world, the IBRO Congress offers a richness of content and diverse viewpoints that is unparalleled among neuroscience meetings.

Congress registration and 5 nights on-site accommodation will be covered for selected applicants.

Symposia proposals are welcomed for the following categories:

1. Glia, glia-neuron interactions

2. Homeostatic and neuroendocrine systems

3. Disorders of the nervous system

4. Physiology: neuronal excitability and synapse function

5. Sensory and motor systems

6. Cognition and behaviour

7. Development

8. Physiology: systems/network functions, computational neuroscience

9. Neurotechnology

The International Scientific Program Committee, chaired by  Professor Hee-Sup Shin, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), has been appointed by the IBRO Executive Committee to select content that will address cutting-edge science within a broad field of neuroscience topics. The basic criteria for selection are the scientific interest of the topics, the achievements of the speakers in the field, and their ability to present their work to a broad, multidisciplinary audience. Preference will be given to symposia that cover a topic from several angles and aim to present different views and opinions, rather than presenting the work of collaborating groups. A balanced geographic distribution is a priority as well as a representation of both genders.

Online submission for symposia and mini-symposia proposals will be open until April 30, 2018.


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